PC or Laptop; What’s best for you?

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PC or Laptop: Whats the best for you?

Making the choice between a PC or laptop can be a mentally taxing task. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages which makes deciding a clear winner a great dilemma. There are certain important considerations that should be weighed against your specific needs. Hopefully this article will help to determine what your looking for in a computer so that you can make the decision between a PC or laptop.

PC or Laptop | Convenience

Desktop computers are large and bulky with complex connections between different components. They are designed for use in a permanent location. It is impractical to keep moving them from place to place even within the house hence if you have an application you would love to use at a specific location this would be hard. They take up a lot of desk space hence you will require a dedicated work space for one. If you are looking to do your assignments in a coffee shop or chat with friends on social media as you relax on the beach, a desktop isn’t ideal for you.

Laptops on the other hand are highly portable. They are light and compact making them easy to carry and use almost anywhere including outdoors. Recent advances in battery technology mean that you can operate your laptop for a few hours without having to use a power cord. If you have limited space at home or if your computing requirements are such that you need to have your computer wherever you go, then a laptop would be your obvious choice.

PC or Laptop which one is more convenient? Laptop

PC or Laptop | Gaming

Gamers who are up to date with the latest computer games will understand that the latest games are graphics intensive and as such require top of the range video cards. Generally desktops are equipped with stronger graphics cards and processors making them more popular as gaming computers. On many desktops the GPU is detachable hence can easily can easily be upgraded to fit your gaming requirements.

Laptops on the other hand tend to come with less potent GPUs to compensate for space and to lower heat production. Most laptops come with integrated video cards rather than discrete video cards which compromises on gaming power. Laptop graphics cards are more often than not permanently fixed onto the motherboard making them impossible to upgrade without having to replace the entire motherboard.

PC or Laptop top which one is better for gaming? PC

PC or Laptop | Computing Power

While the price of laptops has come down and their performance increased in recent years, desktop computers still have the upper hand when it comes to performance to price ratio. Desktop computers are more suitable for heavy duty functions such as video playback, 3D artwork and desktop publishing. Desktop come with more powerful hardware for less money. Upgrading components such as sound cards to increase performance is relatively easy when it comes to desktops. Opening the desktop case to perform the upgrade is easy and can be performed by the average computer user..

On laptops a compromise has to be made for space. They are therefore not equipped with as many features as are available on desktops. Components are miniature and are not as powerful as those of desktop computers hence lowering their performance. With most laptops RAM and hard disk space is all that you are capable of upgrading on an average laptop. Disassembling the housing to access components for upgrade is a sophisticated task that may require a professional. Laptop components are also much more expensive than their counterparts for desktops.

PC or Laptop which one has more computing power? PC

PC or Laptop | Ergonomics

This refers to the layout of the working space on the computer. Desktop computers have a layout that allows for greater comfort and space. Various components of a desktop are widely spaced allowing for positioning that is ergonomically sound. It has a large keyboard, an external mouse and monitor all of which are independent of one another so they can be positioned with comfort in mind. The keyboards are large to allow for more and widely spaced keys. The monitor can be easily adjusted to eye-level to make the user more comfortable.

The components of laptops especially the keyboard and touch pad are crammed together tightly which can create a strain on the hands and wrists especially when used for long periods of time. It is possible to improve a laptops ergonomics by including an external keyboard, a mouse and external display. In the same sense laptops allow you to assume a greater variety of positions while working. You can use them while seating on a sofa, lying on a bed and even standing rather than just sitted behind a desk.

PC or Laptop which one has better ergonomics? PC

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