CPU Overclocking | Get the most out of your processor

January 14, 2014 | By | 0 Comments Overclock Computer West Palm Beach, Florida

CPU Overclocking | What’s best for PC Gaming, Winter Air or Water Cooled? The PC gamer is an exceedingly unique breed. Rarely satisfied with box-model specifications, they continually push their rigs to the limit. Most attain these desires through overclocking, but as most know it’s something of a delicate affair. Overclocking will push your processor to perform beyond what was intended by its manufacturer, but for a price. As your computer works harder, the risk of overheating increases. If not properly cooled, the user can permanently damage their parts, resulting in costly replacements. Water Cooling   Cooling solutions have become... Read More

Anti-Virus programs suck? We are here to help.

January 3, 2014 | By | 0 Comments Does your antivirus suck?

Computer Virus Removal Options Most computer systems have been infected and damaged by a computer virus at one point of another often with one of the anti-virus programs running. A computer virus can cause all different kinds of damage to your system from changing time and date to complete operating system shutdown. If you have a computer virus problem, then one of the ways of getting rid of it is through the use of anti-virus programs. This article is going to cover a few options on how you may eliminate a computer virus that the anti-virus programs did not. Anti-virus... Read More