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Data Backup in West Palm Beach

Technology is fragile. This can be a scary thought considering how much we rely on it – especially when you can lose all of your family photos, work files, or financial information. A preventative measure to keep that from happening is data backup. We provide this service at Fix my PC Store so if something does happen, you’re protected.

Data Backup that goes beyond the ordinary

The usual way of creating data backups is the use of such devices as USB disks and external hard drives. There’s also internet based backup service, as well as a whole world of programs and apps out there that promise heaven in terms of data backup. But how effective are those backup facilities? How do they compare to each other and what is the best and most economical option available?  At Fix my PC Store we have experience and expertise in virtually all existing data backup solutions. Our technicians will take you through the available options and ensure you never again have to fear losing any important information. Check our google reviews we make sure to take care of our customers.

We not only provide solutions for HDD backup options but we are also set up to back up your information through the cloud. This is helpful as if for any reason your HDD is destroyed, lost, or stolen your files can be accessed online. It’s always best to have multiple fail safes in place.

We will also supplement data backup with data transfer service and virus and spyware removal as well as assess your antivirus and spyware software to ensure you have what is best suited to the make, specs and usage of your computer. Or, if you have already lost data from a computer failure, we have an elaborate hard drive data recovery service.

Data Backup service at home or office

Fix my PC Store also offers on-site services to clients who, for whatever reason, would rather not leave their homes or offices. The on-site service serves 16 locations across West Palm Beach, from Atlantis to Loxahatchee and everywhere in between. You can also use our Phone Support service for consultations and inquiries.

Other Services

Data Recovery

In the event that you have already experienced major hard drive failure we can attempt to recover your lost information. Our technicians are experts at data retrieval, and will explore all avenues to get your information back.

On-Site Repair

Can’t make it into us? We will come to you! Typically our technicians can be available and on site within 24 hours! We service any homes or businesses in the greater Palm Beach County area.

Smart Phone Repair

We offer same day repair services for most popular iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones and tablets. Call us now for a price quote.

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Data Recovery

Technology is fragile. Prevent your data from being lost with our professional backup services. Need to recover data from a faulty drive? Our recovery services will save you the frustration of losing valuable files.

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Home and Office Service

We offer on-site computer repair services in Boca Raton. Too busy to come to us? We'll come to you! Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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Remote Support

We are proud to offer phone support for those in need. Our trained professionals will be more than glad to take your call and offer the insight and service you need to get your computer up and running again.

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Having a wired or wireless network is remarkably helpful. One of the greatest benefits is having multiple computers connecting to the internet through a single high-speed connection.

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Increase Performance

Sometimes a very healthy PC can still slow down to a crawl over time. A PC Tune-up is simple, fast, and will address a variety of software issues that can impact performance.

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