Virus & Spyware Removal in West Palm Beach, FL

Virus Removal West Palm Beach, FL

Virus and Spyware Removal in West Palm Beach

Virus and spyware are the plague of the internet age. If your computer falls prey to a major virus or spyware attack anywhere near West Palm Beach, it’s time to talk to Fix my PC Store for virus removal. After eight years in the business, we have yet to meet a virus or spyware infected computer we could not completely restore to perfect health. We’ve become accustomed with all types of Virus Removal. Bring your computer in, call us to come on-site, and before all that call our phone support and they might be able to tell you right away whats going on.

Complete Spyware and Virus Removal

There are more than a million viruses, each with a unique set of symptoms. They can range from simple slowdowns, pop ups or error messages, or even blockage of your internet connection. Some viruses disguise themselves as antivirus programs and hold your PC hostage or attempt to trick you into providing personal and financial information. If your experiencing windows popping up, programs running weird code, or something does not feel right feel free to ask our technicians for a diagnostic as it might mean you need spyware or virus removal.

Computer Malware

Malware is the term used for all categories of malicious software – viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware and fake security software. The most common sources of malware are emails, social networking sites, peer to peer networks and clicking on Ads. They may also be embedded into images, videos and executable programs.

Computer Worms, Trojan Horses and Spyware

Worms – which are more commonly known as Trojan horses and spyware are the “sneakiest” form of computer virus and are also one of the most dangerous. Trojan horses take over computers while hiding within legitimate programs such as games, screensavers and videos. To remove the worms, Trojan horses and spyware we make careful diagnosis of your computer and assess its performance against known malware behavior. We also keep close tabs on emerging malware so we can keep your protection up to date!

Spyware and Virus Removal that Lasts

Spyware and Virus removal has a limited use if it’s not accompanied by effective protection from future infection. This is why we always assess our client’s existing anti-virus suite to ensure it is up to the task. Not every anti-virus solution is suited for every computer and some are unreasonably cumbersome. With the expert help you will receive, you are well on your way to excellent protection.

Viruses Types

A basic computer virus modifies how a computer works and can self-replicate. As true virus, it requires a host program to run properly. If a program is attaching itself to trusted programs on your computer, it’s considered a virus.

Worms on the other hand don’t require a host program. It’s a self-replicating application that can send itself through networks. Worms rely on security failures and often target the network.

Trojan Horses are programs that claim to do something, but in fact damage a hard drive or create a backdoor for a remote access to a computer. Trojans are designed to obtain files and data, and do not attempt to infect other files.

Non-Virus Malware

Viruses are not the only type of malicious threat. Other than Viruses, Non-Virus Malware can cause your computer harm. Non-Virus Malware consists of Adware, Bots, Bugs, Ransomware, Rootkits, and Spyware.

Adware – Pop up’s and advertisements are common types of adware. It’s main function is to auto deliver revenue and is often attached to programs, sometimes in your browser.

Bots – Some are harmless and quite effective, but the Malware ones put your computer into a bot net. The bot net then uses your computer as additional processor for tasks.

Bugs – These consist of flaws in programs that have an unfortunate result. Bugs are often used to allow hackers to bypass authentication, and can override access privileges or steal data.

Ransomware – Programs that hold your files, programs, or computer hostage. They request that you pay a ransom in order to free your data. Encrypting your files, Ransomware can destroy your information if you attempt to circumvent them.

Root Kit – Designed to give control of the infected computer undetected. They give a third party user the ability to manipulate your computer. Root Kits often hide other programs, and can either be automated or controlled.

Spyware – Named after its purpose to spy on users, this malware monitors activity and database keywords, data, and personal information.

Remote Support

We are proud to offer phone support for those in need. Our trained professionals will be more than glad to take your call and offer the insight and service you need to get your computer up and running again.

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Home and Office Service

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Data Recovery

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Increase Performance

Sometimes a very healthy PC can still slow down to a crawl over time. A PC Tune-up is simple, fast, and will address a variety of software issues that can impact performance.

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