Frequently Asked Questions

Virus Removal West Palm Beach, FL

General FAQs

Does Fix my PC Store fix Apple Computers such as mac books?

Yes, We are a full fledge Mac repair shop. We do hardware and software repairs for Mac books and iMacs.

Do you have a drop off location or do you come onsite?

Yes and yes. Hence the name fix my PC Store, we do have a retail location for drop off and pick up. We also provide onsite service to your home or business. If a job may take to long to fix onsite we also offer a pick up and delivery service.

Are your services warrantied?

Yes, there is a 30 day warranty on most services. Hardware is covered by the manufactures warranty after that period. If you have any hardware issues we will assist in the RMA of the product. Virus and spyware removal services are normally not warrantied due to we can not control if the user reinfects the computer. We do offer software to help prevent infection.

Can I buy replacement power adapters and batteries from Fix my PC Store?

Yes, you can place an order for your laptop batteries and or power adapters. We keep the most popular power adapters in stock.

Do you fix Game Consoles?

Yes, we can fix your Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Play Station 3. Most common issues such as red ring of death and yellow light of death are quickly repaired here at fix my pc store.

Is the free Anti virus software provided by my ISP any good?

Although anything is better than nothing those AV’s usually have low detection rate for spyware. We try to recommend other software solutions for security. Ask us today what the leading Antivirus and Spyware softwares are.

If I drop off my computer for service, what is the average turn around time?

The initial diagnoses will be provided in a fast 24 – 48 hours. The repair time varies on if there is a part needed. We stock most common parts but if a part is shipped in it may take 3 – 5 business days from the day part is ordered. Expedited shipping is available for most parts.

What is your priority service?

For a additional fee we can bump your computer to the front of the line for prompt service.

I want to sell my computer or laptop would Fix my PC Store buy it?

Yes, we do purchase equipment and we also offer consignment. We will handle selling your computer for a nominal fee.

What Antivirus do you recommend?

The top virus and malware protection changes on time to time bases…

Can I get my computer sooner?

Yes, we have a priority service which will move your job to the head of the line for a fee of $60…


Cell Phone Repair FAQs

Do you need my Passcode/Pin?

Yes, we do. If the cell phone is password protected, we cannot test all the different functions of the phone are working correctly after the repair.

Is there a warranty on the repair?

Yes, all parts and repair services include a 30-day warranty.

I have my own part can you still install it for me?

Yes, we can but there will be no warranty and will need to be paid up front.

How long will it take to fix my phone or tablet?

Repairs typically take less than 30 minutes for most phones; some phones can take up to an hour. Tablets generally take 1-2 Hours dependent on damage to the tablet.

Do you replace the Glass or Glass and LCD?

We replace the Glass (Digitizer) and LCD as a pair, the Glass only replacement isn’t something we offer or recommend as a repair.

Can you fix my phone the same day or while I wait?

Yes, we can fix most phones while you wait, generally, it takes 30 minutes. Some phones may require us to order the part, part orders take 3-5 Business days. We offer expedited shipping on most parts needing to be ordered.

My phone dropped in the water, can you fix it?

We do offer liquid damage repair services; generally, a liquid damage repair will take 48 hours.