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Palm Springs Computer Repair

Palm Springs Computer & Laptop Repair

Fix My PC Store has been offering support service to the greater West Palm Beach and surrounding areas for over 8 years. While our primary service center is located in Royal Palm Beach, we do extend our hand to the residents of Palm Springs.

We understand that the trek to our location may seem cumbersome to the inhabitants of certain communities, we rectify this inconvenience by offering on site support. Our team of highly trained professionals are readily available, making appearance on sites within 24 hours of an appointment being booked.

While we specialize in PC and laptop repair, we do offer services in a multitude of other technology-related areas. For instance, we are more than able to assist in virus removal, CCTV installation, and home theater installation, to name a few.

Redeem Your Coupon

We require up to a $40 deposit on all computers and smartphones we examine. When you receive and present this coupon we will waive the deposit and begin the diagnosis. Apply this to your computer repair or smart phone repair today. In store only.

Up to a $40 Value


Having a wired or wireless network is remarkably helpful. One of the greatest benefits is having multiple computers connecting to the internet through a single high-speed connection.

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Increase Performance

Sometimes a very healthy PC can still slow down to a crawl over time. A PC Tune-up is simple, fast, and will address a variety of software issues that can impact performance.

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Home and Office Service

We offer on-site computer repair services in Boca Raton. Too busy to come to us? We'll come to you! Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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Smart Phone Repair

We offer same day repair services for most popular iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones and tablets. Call us now for a price quote.

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Data Recovery

Technology is fragile. Prevent your data from being lost with our professional backup services. Need to recover data from a faulty drive? Our recovery services will save you the frustration of losing valuable files.

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Remote Support

We are proud to offer phone support for those in need. Our trained professionals will be more than glad to take your call and offer the insight and service you need to get your computer up and running again.

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