Computer Tune Up Benefits Outweigh Costs.

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Computer Tune Up Benefits Outweigh the Costs.

A computer tune up is something that many people take for granted. However, the fact of the matter is that it’s something that has numerous benefits, and which more people need to embrace. People are very surprised in the increase of performance after a PC tune up, when all along they had though that it was just an old computer. This just goes to show the benefits that periodic computer tune up.

Whats involved with a Computer Tune Up?

There are two basic types of computer tune up : physical cleaning and optimization of software. The physical cleaning simply involves getting rid of dirt that might impede the functioning of the computer. Rather than just wiping the external surface of the computer, this normally involves opening the case and cleaning the internals such as the motherboard and the fan. The fact that this is a delicate job means that it has to be done by someone who is a professional to reduce the risk of damage to sensitive components.

Software optimization on the other hand refers to tweaking the settings to make the computer run faster. The most rigorous way of doing this is by getting rid of all the data on the drive through hard drive formatting and then installing the software afresh. Companies such as Fix my PC Store provide both of these services in a professional manner, so you can approach them to do it for you.

What are the benefits of a Computer Tune Up?

There are many benefits of physical cleaning and hard drive formatting especially if you have done a deep clean of it’s parts. Like a car, a computer requires maintenance in order to function efficiently. Like an oil change a computer tune up extends the life of your machine.

Physical Cleaning

Physical cleaning gets rid of any dirt that might impede the functioning of the computer. Dust and lint, for instance, tend to clog the air vents in laptops and lead to overheating. This then means that your computer is likely to get damaged at a faster rate than it should. Overheating also tends to interfere with the internals in the computer, and this leads to slowing down of the processor. It can also lead to motherboard damage that will manifest as critical hardware failures. This is often an overlooked part of the computer tune up process that we provide at Fix my PC Store.

Hard Drive Formatting

Hard drive formatting is the part of computer tune up that will help get rid of viruses as well as any bloat ware within the computer. This way, it will then be easier to institute virus protection measures such as installation of an antivirus program. Doing this after the computer is infected with a virus does not always work, since some are smart enough to modify the program before it can be updated to detect them. By getting rid of all the files and installing an antivirus program (and then updating it) thereafter, you will get better protection against them.

Remember, most viruses these days are designed to be very deceptive, and some may not even be detectable. Formatting your hard drive always gets rid of them, allowing you to have more peace of mind as far as the safety of your data is concerned.

Unwanted Programs, files, and registry editors

It’s important to also note that the longer you use a computer, the more likely that you will end up installing programs that will run in the background without your knowledge. These end up using up too many resources, which means that your computer will slow down. The fact that you might have many programs running in the background means that data transfer rates might also be compromised, and this will contribute to the slowing down. By formatting the hard drive, you will get rid of all the bloat ware, making the computer much easier to use.

As you can see, there are many benefits of  a compute tune up. Even if you don’t have any observable problems with it, you should get it done to ensure that the computer keeps running at the speed that it’s supposed to, and to also increase its life. If you are thinking of selling your computer, you can also get both physical cleaning and software optimization services to ensure that your computer looks and feels as good as new when you put it on sale. At Fix my PC Store we provide a complete computer tune up and a wide range of other services that include:

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