Windows 8.1 Review and Critique

October 23, 2013 | By | 3 Comments Windows 8.1 Review and Critique

Windows 8.1 Review Windows is not perfect just yet. It still appears to be a work in progress. However, Windows 8.1 does show that Microsoft is not sleeping on the job. People who currently have Windows 8 will find their PC life more pleasant with Windows 8.1. One feature Windows 8 users are happy to see in Windows 8.1 is the Start button, along with a throng of other features, modifications, and performance improvements driven towards revamping the platform. Supposedly under demand from Window 8 users, Window 8.1 was born. In order to benefit from Windows 8.1, re installing desktop... Read More

Cryptolocker ransomware can you remove it? Find out.

October 21, 2013 | By | 2 Comments CryptoLocker Virus Removal

The latest, and most dangerous, virus. A lot of people who are surfing the web were unlucky enough to have their machine infected with cryptolocker, a type of virus that encrypts every file on the targeted computer until the owner will pay a certain amount of money to the original programmer of the virus. After he does so, the individual will be able to gain access to a decryption key to unlock his\her files. A lot of websites have actually offered information about this 2013 computer virus, but many of them have gotten it all wrong. With the scope of... Read More

Microsoft Surface’s Failure

October 10, 2013 | By | 0 Comments Microsoft Failure and Steve Ballmer fail to find success

Microsoft Surface’s Failure The sudden albeit long anticipated announcement of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s retirement has sent ripples across tech and business worlds across the globe. Since Ballmer went public with his intention to step down within the next twelve months on Friday, speculations have been rife over the decision being a fall out of the Microsoft Surface disaster instead of a voluntary choice. Is it Retirement or is it Ouster? The one year window for the retirement has further fueled the conjecture that Ballmer was either shown the door by the Microsoft board or was put in a tight... Read More