2n2 Tech – Episode 3 – Would you buy a refurbished Samsung?

December 2, 2016 | By | 0 Comments 2n2 Tech

Episode: 3

Title: 2n2 Tech – Episode 3 – Would you buy a refurbished Samsung?

Hosted by: Andrew Harris

Audio Transcription

Would you buy a refurbish Samsung Known to explode?
In this episode we talk about Samsung and how they want to sell you cell phones that may or may not explode.

Samsung devices are blowing up everywhere. From phones to washing machines. My question to you is; would you actually buy a device that’s known to explode? Hello, and welcome back to 2n2tech. This is episode 3 and I’m your host Andrew Harris. Samsung still doesn’t know why the first gen. Galaxy Note 7 exploded and if whether or not the refurbished fixed units will catch fire. The company hasn’t yet made a final decision on which countries they are going to sell it to. According to Samsung if they do start selling these refurbished phones they will start selling them at the beginning of 2017. The company states they will sell them for a fraction of the cost but no numbers it will be to buy it. But the question is, do you really want to? If you like this video please like, share, and subscribe.

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