2n2 Tech – Episode 4 – Fake News is everywhere !!

December 9, 2016 | By | 0 Comments 2n2 Tech

Episode: 4

Title: 2n2 Tech – Episode 4 – Fake News is everywhere !!

Hosted by: Bryan Pedrazzoli

Audio Transcription

Fake News is everywhere nowadays, from twitter, facebook and youtube. Here are some ways to counter act them.

Did People magazine just awarded me the sexiest man alive for 2016. Nah, just another fake news report running a muck on my social media feed. Ah. Hello and welcome to another episode of 2n2tech. I’m your host Bryan Pedrazzoli. Fake news is all the rave this past year. From fake news reports on facebook, fake pranks, fake how to videos on youtube. I mean really? are you really going to drill into an iPhone 7 to see if theres a hidden headphone jack? Google also had their fair of fake news. After several election related searches highlighted hokes website at the top of the results. The question is who’s doing them and how is it getting spread around. Well thanks to the internet and any device that’s connected to it, people can post just about anything. If it wasn’t for these media outlets like msnbc to the NY Post it wouldn’t be an issue. But thanks to lazy reporting and no fact checking. Fake news can spread around really quickly. Because we all know that anyone who has a twitter account is a reliable source, right? So now you’re telling me, Bryan so how to I protect myself from fake news. Well for starters check this site out. FactCheck.org its a non-profit organization that gives you just that the facts. I’ll link some of the articles and sites to help you to know whats news and whats not. Well if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up, share, like, and subscribe.

And I’ll see you next time. Oh. Oh. and by the way that Donald Trump oh yeah that was fake. Haha Take care guys.

Show Notes:

News Articles – https://goo.gl/X6JRve

Factcheck – https://goo.gl/sTvfyy

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