Introducing 2n2 Tech

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Introducing 2n2 Tech Latest tech news, updates and reviews! Brought to you by Fix my PC Store. Subscribe to 2n2 Tech’s YouTube channel for a weekly update of whats going on in our tech world. We gather the latest and greatest events and information happening and bundle it up in tech bites of info for you to digest. Get to know the fun side of your technicians at Fix my PC Store as they host a variety of shows on 2n2 Tech. Stay tune for the first tech show.

Quickly Become A Google Fu Master… Here’s How

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Quickly Become A Google Fu Master… Here’s How There’s one thing all teens can do better than adults – and it’s not Snapchat. They’ve become experts at quickly locating information on the internet. That’s Google Fu, the ability to use search engines to whip up answers and research faster than a contestant on a radio quiz. Level 1 Mastery: Tell It What You Need Google is smart and can understand “conversational searches”. Let’s say you came across a great recipe online, but the measurements were imperial. Google has you covered. Simply tell it what you want to convert, and into... Read More

6 Quick Security Tips To Keep Your Business Safe

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6 Quick Security Tips To Keep Your Business Safe Every employee shares one inescapable flaw that is putting your business at risk. They’re human. 59% of data breaches can be traced back to something an employee did (or didn’t do), which invited a cyber-attack. The scam goes like this: To lock hackers out, build security awareness and respect into your company culture, so that maintaining digital security becomes as routine as making coffee. Use complex passwords: Every employee, including management, needs to use an alphanumeric password that they haven’t used before. Password managers can assist with making sure they’re never... Read More

Why Managed Services Will Save You More Than Money

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Why Managed Services Will Save You More Than Money “Downtime costs money.” That’s no secret, but it doesn’t quite capture the whole experience…you arrive to work in the morning, grab your coffee knowing you’ve got a hectic day ahead, and are ready to dive in. For some reason the computer can’t access the database and neither can anyone else’s. You restart the server while fielding calls left, right and center, but are unable to answer any client queries. Your hands are completely tied…and now the server is beeping furiously…what’s going on??! You’re not just in crisis mode, you’re on damage... Read More