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PC Tune Up in West Palm Beach

While it may seems unusual to imagine a computer going bald, gaining weight, and becoming more and more bitter with age, it is metaphorically true. Computers age in a similar manner that organic lifeforms do. Over time, their reflexes dwindle, taking noticeably longer time to perform the same tasks they once did instantly. Their memory gets spotty, unable to recall what was being asked, despite multiple reiterations of the initial query.

A youth-restoring elixir, unfortunately, does not exist for humans and while our technicians cannot dump muscle-juice onto a computer, steps can be taken to rejuvenate the current shell of their former prowess. We have a compTIA certification and years of experience with the PC Tune up process, and would love to assist you.

PC Tune Up | Antivirus Optimization

When a computer begins to suddenly underperform, it has more than likely been infected with a virus. It’s frustrating, but not terminal. Our techs will be more than happy to remove the problem and then guide you into choosing an antivirus program that is best-suited to your needs, making comparisons between costs and effectiveness of each program available. Sometimes you need more than optimization, and we will have to remove a virus

PC Tune Up | Browser Cleaning

Over time, some users may begin to notice their computer’s performance gradually decrease. Much like a gradual swelling of the gut, it’s frustrating and demoralizing. Your computer isn’t afflicted by a sedentary lifestyle, but instead may be bogged down by numerous extensions and toolbars, most of which are a result of adware mistakenly being installed. Our technicians are experienced in the removal of programs like this. In addition, they can also clear your browser’s history and temporary files, which can have an impact on performance. Often browser based programs result in adding malware and spyware to your computer, that we will remove.

PC Tune Up | Hardware Upgrades

Computers, more than other device, are not blessed by longevity. It’s a fact of the matter. They become obsolete at a surprising rate. Our technicians will evaluate your machine’s performance and make recommendations as to what can be done to increase performance. These include adding or upgrading RAM or any other hardware-related solutions.

The servicemen here at Fix my PC Store can also perform routine tasks that will improve your machine’s abilities. Clearing dust from the casing and from fans will not only relieve the stress from your hardware, it is also a preventative measure against overheating, saving you from costly replacements.

We will also gladly update your operating system and all software, protecting you from being attacked and, at the same time, making sure everything is operating smoothly.

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