Home Theater Installation in West Palm Beach, FL

Home Theater Installation

Home Theater Installation

Home theaters have become increasingly popular over the past decade. It’s no surprise, really. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their favorite movies in a near-cinematic, or in some cases, better, experience right from their own home. It is a testament to luxury and nullifies the bothersome aspects of going to out to see a movie. There are no lines, no tickets, no one talking on mobile phones (unless it is yourself making the calls), and a room full of your family and friends. Be the epicenter of entertainment to those closest to you.

We at Fix My PC Store provide home theater installation that showcases your home.

Wire Management | Home Theater Installation

We understand that the number 1 factor in diminishing the ambiance of a home theater would be the presence of cables and wires in plain view. We got to great lengths to ensure that none are visible, going as far as to create drops, or conduits, behind walls where they can run.

Quotes | Home Theater Installation

If you are looking to get started and have no components yet, a technician from Fix My PC Store can come to your home, survey the site, and make suggestions as to which items you may need. We are highly knowledgeable in this area and are confident that we can provide the best recommendations for your home theater. We also will provide a quote as to what your expenses may be at no charge to you.

Mounting | Home Theater Installation

Hanging and mounting any LED or LCD monitors is essential to the overall experience of any home theater system. We can determine the correct angle, lighting, and space needed for optimal viewing. Additionally, we are skilled in hanging and mounting any audio equipment, creating the perfect surround sound system.

An incorrectly angled mount or overhanging, visible mounting bracket can be an absolute eyesore. Let our professionals avert this crisis by using their own input and expertise.

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Computer Repair

Our specialists have an insurmountable pool of knowledge in computer repair. We have a A+ CompTIA certification and we will gladly address and take the necessary steps needed to resolve any hardware problems that have arisen. We will gladly replace a motherboard, fried video card, replace or upgrade RAM, or repair a failed hard drive, no problem. The list of hardware issues goes on and on, but no task is beyond our skill.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Have you noticed that your computer has begun to run considerably slower? Are you getting spam messages as your browse the internet? Your PC’s hardware may not be at fault, but rather the result of being infected with a virus or malicious spyware. Our techs are well-versed in combating this menace.