Data Transfer Service in West Palm Beach, FL

Data Transfer West Palm Beach, FL

Hard Drive Data Transfer in West Palm Beach, FL

Maybe you just bought a new PC, laptop, iMac or Macbook and want to transfer data directly from your old machine to the new one. Fix my PC Store can take care of that for you. Even if your old computer no longer turns on, we can still recover and transfer the data to help you make a quick and efficient transition.

Too easy? Maybe, you want to move data from a computer to a phone, or vice versa.  Still no problem. Our expert team of technicians will do it for you in minutes while you are able to sit back and relax.

Data Transfer with added benefits

Data transfer is most useful when accompanied by data securing measures. This is because transferred data may still be compromised by poor anti-virus and spyware software or inadequate data backup measures.

At Fix my PC Store we offer our data transfer clients other additional services, such as a comprehensive data backup and virus and spyware removal services. We will help you choose the best backup option, from the simple USB and external hard drive usage to a variety of data backup programs and apps as well as internet based options.

Data Transfer service at home or office

You need not come to our store to get us to fix your computer or transfer your data. Simply call our Onsite Computer Repair service and we will come right over to your home or office. Our on-site service serves 16 locations across West Palm Beach, from Atlantis to Loxahatchee and everywhere in between.

Other Services

Wireless Networking

Today, more consumer electronics come with at least one way of connecting to wireless networks. A wireless network grants more freedom with mobile devices such as laptops, PDA’s and gaming consoles. You can access the internet from anywhere in your home and even print from the comfort of your bed or patio if you desire.

Console Repair

If you are a hardcore gamer with a who needs game console repair, it can take WEEKS or even MONTHS to get a manufacturer’s repair! At Fix My PC Store we service ALL video game console repair, at a lower price than the manufacturer.