Computer & Laptop Repair in West Palm Beach, FL

Computer repair in West Palm Beach Florida

Having trouble finding a reputable West Palm Beach computer repair? If you are looking for a computer repair store in West Palm Beach, check out our Fix my PC Store.  We have the best Google customer review feedback in town and handle all types of computer repairs – from desktop PCs and laptops to custom computers and Apple’s iMacs and Mcbooks. West Palm Beach computer repair is our specialty and we’ve been here doing it since 2005.

In-store or on-site Computer Repair

In West Palm Beach computer repair is often unreliable. Fix my PC Store serves 16 areas of West Palm Beach that we consider our home territory. We pride ourselves on being the West Palm Beach computer repair for the customer. Whether you are in Atlantis or Loxahatchee or everywhere else in-between, simply call us and we’ll come right over and fix your computer at your home or office. Just call 561-819-9999.

If that’s too easy you could also dial our Computer Phone Support service and have one of our technicians take you through a self diagnosis and repair routine, or call our secure Computer Remote Repair service and sit back as our technicians diagnose and fix the problem online.

All types of computer repair with flexible warranty

There are more than one million documented viruses and spywares out there, each with unique symptoms. There are many possible hardware problems that may freeze your computer or crash it. That is why we make a point of beginning any computer repair with careful diagnosis.

Sound good? We go a step further. We give our clients a 30 day warranty on any repair we make. When a client has problems soon after the expiry of the warranty period, we still repair the computer either for free or for a nominal fee that is lower than normal rates.

Redeem Your Coupon

We require a $40 deposit on all computers we examine. When you receive and present this coupon we will waive the deposit and begin the diagnosis. In store only.

Up to A $40 Value

Remote Support

We are proud to offer phone support for those in need. Our trained professionals will be more than glad to take your call and offer the insight and service you need to get your computer up and running again.

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Having a wired or wireless network is remarkably helpful. One of the greatest benefits is having multiple computers connecting to the internet through a single high-speed connection.

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Data Backup and Recovery

Technology is fragile. Prevent your data from being lost with our professional backup services. Need to recover data from a faulty drive? Our recovery services will save you the frustration of losing valuable files.

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Virus and Spyware Removal

Currently there are more than one million documented viruses each with a unique set of symptoms ranging from simple slow downs, pop ups or error messages, blocking your internet connection, and even preventing your PC from booting up.

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Laptop Screen Repair

While the psychedelic ink swirl of a cracked screen creates looks really rad, we understand that it may cause something of a headache when trying to actually utilize your computer.

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Increase Performance

Sometimes a very healthy PC can still slow down to a crawl over time. A PC Tune-up is simple, fast, and will address a variety of software issues that can impact performance.

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