PC Check Up in West Palm Beach, FL

PC Checkup West Palm Beach, FL

PC Check Up in West Palm Beach

A majority of money that goes into computer repair can be saved by good maintenance and PC Check Up. Why should you get a regular PC checkup? Most people install and uninstall many programs and regularly create and delete files. Old registry keys and hidden traces from internet browsing accumulate over time. Programs, drivers and operating systems get old and outdated. Over time, all of these tiny changes begin to disorganize disk drives, slow down the computer and weaken privacy protection, or in extreme cases, hardware or software failure may occur.

Comprehensive and fast PC Check Up

At Fix my PC Store, we take your PC Checkup seriously. We perform a variety of hardware and software scans to assess the health of your hard drive, memory and operating system. The main areas we pay attention to are:

  • Software Updates Checkup: We assess how current your programs are, run necessary updates and set applicable updates to be automated in future.
  • Slow Boot Times Checkup: We analyze all start up programs and processes and remove unnecessary items so as to optimize your computer’s start from cold or warm boot.
  • Window Error Message Checkup: If error messages have been bombarding your user experience, we will investigate the issue and give you a proper diagnosis and solution.
  • Bloatware Checkup: New computers and laptops typically come with unwanted software and advertisements – known as bloatware. We eliminate and turn off many of these programs and services so as to increase disk space and performance.
  • Computer vulnerability Checkup:  Our qualified technicians look into the vulnerability of your PC by assessing whether you have up-to-date and suitable anti-virus and spyware software.

PC Check Up at home or office

Fix my PC Store has an on-site service to serve clients who, for whatever reason, are unable to come over to our store. The on-site service serves 16 locations across West Palm Beach, from Atlantis to Loxahatchee and everywhere in between.