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City of Boynton Beach
Computer Repair and On-Site Service
City of Boynton Beach Computer Repair and On-Site Service
Boynton Beach Computer Repair and On-Site Services
City of Boynton Beach
Computer Repair and On-Site Service
City of Boynton Beach Computer Repair and On-Site Service

Boynton Beach Computer Repair

Finding Boynton Beach computer repair should be simple. A Google search gets you an endless list of choices. Unfortunately, most of these choices either charge exorbitant prices or think “PC” stands for “Pretty Cool”. Luckily for computers everywhere, Fix my PC Store has provided Boynton Beach computer repair since 2005.

We also take care of basic maintenance such as PC Check Up and  Tune Up.

Convenient Boynton Beach Computer Repair

Fix my PC Store has an On-site Repair service that serves all parts of Boynton Beach. In addition to on-site repair, we offer a remote Boynton Beach computer repair service that cuts down on time and costs by enabling our technicians to perform online diagnosis and repair most computer software issues and fix viruses or spyware. If you are of a more “do it yourself” mentality, our Boynton Beach Computer Repair phone Support service is the perfect choice for you. One of our experts will walk you through a step by step process in order to fix your machine.

Better still, our team at Fix my PC Store isn’t a one trick pony. Our team of technicians has training and experience in all types of computers repairs ranging from desktop PC and laptop repair to iMac and Macbook repair. For eight years we have been visiting homes and offices in Boynton Beach fixing everything from broken screens to unresponsive or slowed-down programs. Name your problem and our technicians have seen it. Bad hard drive? No problem. Faulty memory? Easy. No problem is too big or small.

Honest Diagnostic Service

One of most frustrating parts about computer repair is the uncertainty of your warranty and all those hidden costs! This isn’t a problem with Fix my PC Store.  Our flexible 30 day warranty on repairs allows you to feel comfortable with our repairs.

To top it off, unlike other Boynton Beach computer repair service providers, we do not promise to check your computer for ‘free’ then insist on a non-refundable charge as a condition of repair. All diagnostic fees are deducted when you choose Fix my PC Store for repairs.

Need a Service Technician to come to your home or office? Schedule an appointment online.

Other Services

Boynton Beach Networking

Having a wired or wireless network is remarkably helpful. One of the greatest benefits is having multiple computers connecting to the internet through a single high-speed connection.

Boynton Beach Virus & Spyware Protection

Currently there are more than one million documented viruses each with a unique set of symptoms ranging from simple slow downs, pop ups or error messages, blocking your internet connection, and even preventing your PC from booting up.

Boynton Beach Wireless Networking

Today, more consumer electronics come with at least one way of connecting to wireless networks. A wireless network grants more freedom with mobile devices such as laptops, PDA’s and gaming consoles. You can access the internet from anywhere in your home and even print from the comfort of your bed or patio if you desire.

Boynton Beach Computer Repair

Any personal computer is made up of multiple physical parts we refer to as computer hardware, such as motherboards, processors, memory, hard drives and many more. If your PC is freezing, crashing, or simply not turning on you may be experiencing a hardware related issue.

Free Diagnosis Coupon

If you redeem and present this coupon, you will receive a free $40 diagnostic during your next visit to Fix my PC Store. The diagnosis will reveal any problem your computer might have.