Recycling Buyback in West Palm Beach, FL

Computer Recycling West Palm Beach, FL

Recycling Buyback

We here at Fix my PC Store feel that it is important to do our part in protecting the environment. Computers contain toxic materials, so it is important that they are disposed of in a manner which their parts can be separated and used in other machines. Computer monitors contain lead and most of the other parts contain mercury and other hazardous materials. When simply tossed in the trash, these parts end up in landfills where these elements seep into the soil and groundwater.

In the US, a staggering amount of discarded electronics go unrecycled. A study from 2007 shows that 82% of this waste ended up in landfills. The EPA has tons of update to date information on this issue.

It has also become illegal in some states to dump used electronics in landfills.

Fix my PC Store offers to buy your old computers so that we may recycle and refurbish the parts to be used in other products. Currently, we are only offering buybacks on computers dating back to the Windows 7 operating system. As well as only complete functioning systems. We do not buy back individual parts. We typically will quickly diagnose the computer before making an offer. These diagnosis may take up to a business day.

Fix my PC Store can refuse to make an offer at our own discretion. We can offer to recycle most electronics at no fee if a monetary value cannot be offered. We do not accept printers of any kind or CRT Monitors.

Computer Repair

Our specialists have an insurmountable pool of knowledge in computer repair. We will gladly address and take the necessary steps needed to resolve any hardware problems that have arisen. We will gladly replace a motherboard, fried video card, replace or upgrade RAM, or repair a failed hard drive, no problem. The list of hardware issues goes on and on, but no task is beyond our skill.

Onsite Service

We fully recognize the fact that convenience is king, which is why we offer onsite service calls for computer repair. Our technicians are readily available and will be on any site within 24 hours. We are happy to provide service to the greater West Palm Beach area. Let us come you! For more information regarding our service areas, contact us.

Data Recovery

Technology is fragile. Prevent your data from being lost with our professional backup services. Need to recover data from a faulty drive? Our recovery services will save you the frustration of losing valuable files.

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Remote Support

We are proud to offer phone support for those in need. Our trained professionals will be more than glad to take your call and offer the insight and service you need to get your computer up and running again.

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Having a wired or wireless network is remarkably helpful. One of the greatest benefits is having multiple computers connecting to the internet through a single high-speed connection.

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Home and Office Service

We offer on-site computer repair services in Boca Raton. Too busy to come to us? We'll come to you! Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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Increase Performance

Sometimes a very healthy PC can still slow down to a crawl over time. A PC Tune-up is simple, fast, and will address a variety of software issues that can impact performance.

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Smart Phone Repair

We offer same day repair services for most popular iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones and tablets. Call us now for a price quote.

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