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dc jack repair


DC Jack Repair in West Palm Beach, FL

From the myriad of things that can go wrong with a laptop computer, perhaps the most glossed-over lies within it’s DC jack connector. If you’ve found that your computer has begun to fail to hold a charge, or perhaps takes an extended amount of time to charge fully, then your laptop’s DC jack may have become damaged.

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DC Jack Information

But what exactly is a DC jack? It is the port which allows electricity to flow into your computer. When this becomes damaged, it cuts off the source of energy, rendering the machine useless. There are two primary modes in which a DC jack is affixed to a computer. It is either done through a pin plug, a connection port which transfers power through a cable which is pinned into the motherboard, or it plugs into a port which is soldered directly onto the motherboard with no auxiliary cable. It is more common to find a DC jack that is soldered directly to the board as opposed to one that uses a pin connection.

How exactly does this occur? There are a few factors which can contribute to a DC jack going bad. If the laptop’s owner has rough hands, forcibly jamming the power cable into its receptacle, the jack can become damaged, which will in turn stymie the jack’s ability to transfer electricity.

Another way a jack can go bad is when an incorrect level of voltage is allotted to the board. Most commonly, this occurs when higher-than-normal quantities of voltage get transferred because the wrong cables were being used to power the machine. While this may seem outlandish at first, consider the scenario: a cable becomes damaged or lost. The owner doesn’t check the owners manual or labels on the computer for the precise voltage. They either sub in another cable that happens to fit the port, or simply buy a cable with the wrong voltage. It happens all the time. The increased flow of electricity will wear the component down in time, rendering it useless.

This same notion also applies to the damages that can be done by a power surge. During harsh weather, electricity commonly goes on and off without notice. When the power comes back on, it is not eased back into its previous level. All of the power comes in a barreling deluge, which can overload electronics. This damages them permanently. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make frequent use of surge protector power strips. What’s more, if you notice your power flickering on and off, it may be a good idea to simply unplug the device altogether until the storm has passed.

DC Jack Repair

In the event of a faulty DC jack, the path to repair is an easy one. A machine is not completely bricked by this whatsoever. A port connection is easily replaced by anyone with a moticum of repair skills (i.e. ourselves). A laptop with a soldered connection takes a little more expertise.

In both instances the motherboard has to be taken out, that goes without saying. A dongle DC jack is removed and then reinserted. Boom. Done deal. A soldered port must be held steadily while a technician removes the original solder, replaces the part, and then reapplies a new solder job. There are 7 connections to be soldered on the surface area akin to that of a dime. While not backbreaking, a job like this is best left to professionals as it will save the owner a mountain of stress and time.

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